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  • True RMS measurement.
  • Simultaneous samplings of Volts & Amps.
  • Energy display programmable counter based or resolution based.
  • Energy resetting at 999999kVAh x transformer ratio.
  • Positive energy accumulation even with reversed CT polarity. Reverse lock programmable.
  • User programmable password protection.
  • Auto scrolling.
  • Auto scaling of Kilo, Mega, Giga and decimal point.
  • Low PT/CT burden.
  • Displays Basic: VLL, VLN, A (avg. & phase wise), Hz, Power: W, PF, VA (avg. & phase wise), Energy: Wh or VAh programmable (any one), Load Hours, VLL (max/min), A (max/min), OLD Wh, OLD L.H.
  • Front LED pulse 10000 imp/kWh of secondary input.
  • Programmable CT and PT ratio up to 2000MVA.
  • Programmable kVAh (default kWh) for meters.
  • Energy is programmable to Wh or VAh with a 6-digit resolution LED and 4-digit resolution for instantaneous parameters.
  • 80-300BV AC/DC auxiliary supply.

Additional Features:

  • High/Low measurements for voltage & current (last one minute of data).
  • One digital input (RPM). Measurement capability up to 72000 RPM.
  • Displays one last minute RPM. Cumulative RPM through RS485.
  • Optional: 2 analog inputs for 4-20mA or 0-20mA (flow, pressure, temperature etc.).
  • 3 digital inputs optional.


  • Clearance & creepage distance meet safety standard.
  • Finger touch proof terminals.
  • Parameter name and value display using 7 segment LEDs.
  • Field programmable Star or Delta or single-phase configuration.


Technical Specifications:


Class 1.0 (default), Class 0.5 on request

Sensing & Measurement

True RMS, 1 sec. update time. 4 quadrant power & energy

Input Voltage

4 voltage I/Ps (VR, VY, VB, VN) programmable 110 or 415VLL Nominal (range 80-500VLL) primary programmable up to 999kV. Burden: 0.2VA max. per phase

Input Frequency

45-65 Hz

Input Current

3 current I/Ps (AR, AY, AB), 500mA to 6A (field configuration 1A or 5A), primary programmable up to 99Ka. Overload: 10A max. continuous, 50A max. for 3 sec. Burden: 0.2VA max. per phase

Aux. Supply

80-300V AC/DC, 40-70 Hz

Burden: 5VA max

Display Resolution

4-digt instantaneous, 6-digit integrated

CT Ratio

2000MVA programmable


RS485 serial channel connection, industry standard MODBUS RTU protocol

Baud rate: 4800 to 19200bps (preferred 9600bps)

Isolation: 2000V AC isolation for 1 minute between communication and other circuits

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