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The unit is low cost, easy-to-use, individual and multifunctional that enables to measure all the basic parameters required in an electrical installation and monitors electricity over and above basic metering. The entire range is very rugged and cost-eective. All these products are eld proven and more than 100,000 units are active in service.


  • Multiparameter Monitoring
  • Micro-controller based
  • Measurement of all important Electrical Parameters
  • All parameters with default accuracy class 1.0S
  • Displays with customized LCD
  • Individual voltages and currents for all three phases (R-Y-B)
  • Individual three powers-KW, KVA and KVAR
  • Individual PF and system PF with lead (-) and lag side
  • Compact 96 X 96 X 55 mm DIN enclosure
  • Frequency (Hz), three energies (KWh, KVAh, KVARh)

Display Parameters:

V, A, KWH, KVAH, KVARH, PF, Hz, System & Phase wise KW; KVA; KVAR

Technical Data:

Parameter / Option statistics
Volts RYB-N Direct Input Voltage: 20-300V (L-N) Burden: 0.5VA
Volts (RYB) Direct Input Voltage: up to 500V (L-L) Burden: 0.5VA
Amps (RYB) Secondary Input Current: 5A or 1A (to be specified at the time of order)                                                                                                  CT Primary: site Selectable                                                         Range: 5-5000                                                                                 Burden: <1.0VA                                                                           Overload (through CT): 5A CT=6A RMS continuous & 1A CT=1.2A RMS continuous                                                                            Whole Current: 120% of Imaxcontinuous
Frequency 45-55 Hz, Accuracy: 0.3% of reading
KWh Range: 0-9999999.9 KWh, Accuracy: 1.0S
KVARh Range: 0-9999999.9 KVARh, Accuracy: 1.5% of reading (between 0.5 Lag and 0.8 Lead)
KVAh Range: 0-9999999.9 KVAh, Accuracy: 1.0% of reading
System PF Accuracy: 1.0% of reading (IPFI>0.5), Range: 0.05 to 1.00 Lag/Lead
System KVA Accuracy: 1.0% of reading
System KW Accuracy: 1.0% of reading
System KVAr Accuracy: 1.5% of reading (between 0.5 Lag and 0.8 Lead)
Display Customized LCD
Size 96x96x55mm

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