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  • True RMS measurement.
  • Clearance & creepage distance meet UL61010 safety standard.
  • Inverse curve-trip time is inversely proportional to fault current. This ELR is intelligent, when the leakage current is 10 times higher than the set current. It trips 10 times faster.
  • Field programmable trip current and trip time through front panel keys with password protection.
  • Continuous leakage current display programmable to enhance the user to understand the quality of electrical network/machine online. This can be disabled through setup if required.
  • Continuous display of trip leakage current programmable. In case of tripping, iELR captures and displays the trip current with 4-digit resolution which helps the user to analyze and rectify the problem. This can be disabled through setup if required.
  • Continuous scrolling of display for set current and set time.
  • Wide I/P range: 300mA to 12A and trip time: 300ms to 30 sec. programmable. Option of 30mA to 1A available.
  • Manual test and reset keys.
  • RS485 communication option.

Unique Features:

  • Microcontroller based design.
  • Peak detection and value display.
  • Intelligent tripping based on T α 1/A.
  • SMT reflow manufacturing process.


  • Higher technological advantage.
  • Helps in analysis and corrective action.
  • Security against mishandling.
  • No limitation on set current.
  • Wider choices to suit different industries.
  • Better IP protection and longer life.
  • Helps in online loss analysis.
  • Faster and reliable protection.
  • Better analysis.
  • Higher reliability.

Technical Specifications:


Class 2.0 FS for dimensions up to 200mm, Class 5.0 FS for dimensions above 200mm

Input Voltage

80-300V AC/DC

Input Frequency


Input Current

300mA to 12A programmable

Tripping Time

0.3 sec. to 30 sec. programmable. Option of 30mA to 1A available

Core Balance

CT type, tape wound


Round-tape wound (epoxy dipped option)

Rectangular tape wound

Contact Rating

2A @ 240V AC/24V DC

Mounting Type

Flush mount


RS485 serial channel connection, industry standard MODBUS RTU protocol

Baud rate: 4800 to 19200bps (preferred 9600bps)

Isolation: 2000V AC isolation for 1 minute between communication and other circuits

Relay Contact

One pair of potential free NOP and NC contacts


  • Protect control panels and switch boards from flame leakage.
  • Protects motors/transformers/feeders/generators etc. from earth leakage.
  • Hazardous and sensitive industries like oil refineries, pulp industries, electrical distribution networks can be protected.
  • Complete protection for control engineering and mining industry.

Core Balance Current Transformer (CBCT):

CBCT Specifications:

Input Range

300mA-12A (default), 30mA-1A (optional)


Tape wound


ID: 40mm, 60mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm


150X50mm, 250X100mm, 300X100mm, 350X100mm, 400X125mm, 400X200mm, 500X225mm, 500X200mm (any other sizes are subject to availability)

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