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AUTOMATIC TRANSFER SWITCH offers seamless switching between sources for uninterrupted supply & power outage protection.



  1. Safe & Rapid switching action
  2. Automatic DG start/stop
  3. Fire/External Fault Trip
  4. Overload tripping logic (optional)
  5. In built control switch to select auto/manual mode
  6. High capacity to withstand shot circuits
  7. In built source selection & trip button for manual mode operation
  8. 3 position isolation lock for Source-I-Off-Source-II
  9. AC 33B Utilization Category and in coherence with IEC 60947-6-1
  10. Optional RS485 communication and cloud connectivity for IoT applications
  11. Optional remote display for real time monitoring and controlling of both sources


The smartest approach to provide uninterrupted power for critical applications is to transfer sources between the

load. ATeS (Automatic Transfer Switch) is designed with automatic start/stop DG operation to ease the transfer

between primary source to alternate source for providing uninterrupted power supply.


Switch to ATeS:

  • Elmeasure ATeS is a perfect dual power transfer switch ranging from 63A-630A, to ensure smooth and high speed load transfer in the event of power outage or disturbances in the power supply.
  • ATeS is incorporated with Fire Alarm/External fault trip and plays a pivotal role in providing maximum immunity to the electrical system from fire risk/faults.
  • ATeS is systematized with time delays (timers) to prolong the stability of power source during automatic switching of sources in the case of blackout or loss of power.
  • ATeS facilitates easy installation and ensures reliable performance.


Allow users to:

  • Protection against undervoltage/overvoltage, under frequency/over frequency and phase missing
  • Monitor and indicate source healthiness & output for both Sources
  • To select a wide range of motor operating voltage from 150VAC – 285V AC (high bandwidth voltage)
  • Eliminate the need for external AMF Controller due to the availability of in built Microprocessor controller with DG start/stop option
  • Provide the safest changeover during the failure of a primary source
  • Monitor the real time system voltage and frequency for EB/DG
  • Facilitate easy installation and simplified wiring connections
  • Retain safe, reliable and maintenance free operation



  1. Commercial Centres
  2. Manufacturing Units
  3. Oil & Gas
  4. Airports/Railways
  5. Automation Process
  6. Medical Facilities
  7. Banking & Finance
  8. Infrastructure & Telecommunications
  9. Data Centres


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